Success Stories

Hoyt Integrative Health has changed my life!

About six months ago I finally went to see Dr. Hoyt. For 2 and a half years I was suffering from chronic joint paint, insomnia, and stomach issues. My primary doctor would do test after test, X-ray after X-ray and would continue to tell me that nothing was wrong. Hoyt Integrative Health has changed my life! In the first three months with the guidance of Dr. Hoyt and the program he suggested, my joint pain was almost gone! I was sleeping better and my stomach was feeling better. It's been six months now and I have no joint pain, almost sleeping through the night and my stomach issues are gone. Thank you Dr. Hoyt!!

Temple Henry

Anyone would be lucky to have him on their side for medical care

Tracy Hoyt is the best in the biz! I was super sick with Hashimoto's Disease and Adrenal Fatigue and he helped me know what testing and labs to have done, what supplements to try, and how to adjust my lifestyle to promote healing. He has been an excellent resource for my leaky gut syndrome, as well as a good friend throughout my healing process. I consider myself lucky to have him on my team whenever I have flareups or just experience a flu or virus that I want to kick without damaging my immune system. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their side for medical care and life in general! Totally recommend to anyone, especially those looking for a modern approach and holistic care.

Matthew Thorley

Dr. Hoyt is wonderful

I have had problems with my digestive system most of my life and have been to many doctors, and at 80 thought I would never find help. Dr. Hoyt has worked very closely with me and helped my digestive system. Most importantly I no longer have bloating and he is really helping heal my gut. I’ve lost weight and I no longer have terrible dry eyes. His office staff are very professional and very helpful.

Jennye Cooke

He truly cares about his patients well being...

Dr. Hoyt assisted in controlling my blood pressure by diet and nutrition and labs. He is thorough in his assessment. He truly cares about his patients well being. The diet patterns I learned from him have changed my life.

Chris B.

Dr. Hoyt is very thorough

Besides lowering my cholesterol, boosting my gut flora, balancing my hormones, and improving my adrenals and thyroid, I am sleeping at night, my energy and memory have improved drastically and I am not wrestling with anxiety or Herpes. Best of all, I no longer have a fatty liver!!!! I have been struggling with it for 3 years. I cut out sugar, all starch and alcohol and was only able to shrink it from 15.7cm to 15.4cm. In 3 months Dr. Hoyt brought it down to 9.1cm (normal). All of this was done without medications. I was treated as a whole with functional nutrition, chiropractics and supplements as needed according to each lab report. This is not a temporary fix of a symptom but a lifestyle change for a healthy future.

Kelly Collins Maples

Dr. Hoyt is a caring doctor...

Last year I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease which caused me great concern when I learned how serious my condition really was. My symptoms consisted of red itchy hives that covered my entire body, as well as swelling around my ankle and on my face. I met with a dermatologist, allergist and rheumatologist seeking a cure, but that got me nowhere except frustrated. I was told that they couldn’t explain what caused the condition, and that there is no cure and that at best they could treat my symptoms by prescribing immune suppressants drugs and steroids but they themselves create harmful side effects. Knowing that these medications would be harmful to my body, my wife and I started looking into an alternative option. Gratefully I reached out to Dr. Tracy Hoyt at Hoyt Integrative Health whose emphasis is on auto-immune diseases. With his guidance, I was able to heal my body from the inside out by changing my diet and being on a routine of natural supplements. Dr. Hoyt is a caring doctor who helped me get to the root cause of my condition, and NOT simply mask the symptoms by proscribing strong medications and steroids. It has been a year since my condition began and today I have no symptoms or reactions and my health has greatly improved.

Mark O.’s my life and I want to continue living it.

I have been on the program for 7 weeks. The whole reason I signed up for the program was because I love golf and I have an arthritic hip which interferes with my golf game. My doctor would not perform surgery on my hip until my A1C dropped below an 8. As of the last test, my A1C level is 7.5. I’ve also lost twelve pounds since I've been on this program. It's not only my golf game, it’s my life and I want to continue living it.


I feel great!

My blood sugar levels were consistently between three and four hundred, but after 2 days with Doctor Hoyt diabetic program. now they are down in the one and two hundreds range. I feel great! My husband bas noticed a change in my attitude, I am no longer a grump, It’s been amazing.


I have lost 20 pounds and am feeling great!

In the past week that I've been on the program, I have lost 20 pounds and am feeling great! My blood sugars have dropped from 180 to 200, and a couple days ago, I measured my blood sugar at 61, which shocked me. When I went in to see my doctor after that, he took me off all my diabetes medication and he cut my blood sugar medication in half.


My energy doubled!

I was on 1500 Mg a day of metformin, and now I'm completely off that. My blood sugars have gone down to the 90's. My energy doubled. I lost 35 pounds. My blood work is better than it’s been in 20 years. According to my labs, I am now a non-diabetic.


My blood sugars are down, and my energy levels are up.

My blood sugar was running up to 300, but now it is at 130. l lost 15 pounds in 6 weeks. When I get up in the morning I don't feel as exhausted. My blood sugars are down, and my energy levels are up. I could hardly walk before, because the pain would be so bad I had to stop. Now I walk much better. and it's getting better everyday.

Mary I can go all day long!

When I first came into Dr. Hoyt's office. l was suffering from extreme energy loss. l used to be able to just work a few hours a day, and now I can go all day long. My A1C was over 8 points and now it's down to 6. I was even able to drop 2 out of my 3 blood sugar medications. l lost 52 pounds and it feels like I've been free from the bondage of obesity