About Dr. Hoyt

Dr. Hoyt has served our community as a Healthcare provider for more than two decades. He has training in multiple disciplines having completed chiropractic training at LACC, now known as Southern California University of Health Sciences. He pursued an additional three-year postdoctoral residency in radiology with rotations at a number of hospitals and advanced imaging centers in the surrounding areas, ultimately obtaining board certification. This training was followed by a 6-month mentorship in MRI and CT. As a specialist and a consultant for other doctors, Dr. Hoyt has reviewed thousands of cases, rendering written second opinions and has been called upon as an expert witness in legal matters.


He has treated hundreds of occupationally injured (Work Comp) patients, performing evaluations and written opinions as a Qualified Medical Examiner for the State of California Workman's Compensation, pertaining to disability and settlements for the occupationally injured. His passion started with healing spine, joint and sports injuries, as well as chronic pain, not only from the outside in but nutritionally from the inside out. It branched from there to an unprecedented blend of physiotherapy, rehab, nutrition, lab testing, diagnosis, and radiology. This broad array of integration has expanded Dr. Hoyt’s reach and made him a sought after clinician. He has turned his attention to reversing chronic conditions and has directed or assisted in the

unraveling of  diabetes and other chronic disorders in 300 plus patients, including thyroid, cardiovascular, bowel, sleep disorders, hormone imbalance and a host of autoimmune conditions. In the last three years, Dr. Hoyt obtained licensing in three states and functioned as an administrator in the operation of nursing homes in the post-acute skilled nursing industry. He has witnessed first hand the devastating effects of chronic disease and gained an enhanced appreciation for integrative and preventative care. Having physically recovered from a debilitating injury Dr. Hoyt is currently back in the private practice in a functional medicine model, using integrative health as well as physical restoration.

Why A Healthcare Revolution?

Our society is experiencing a sharp increase in the number of people who suffer from complex, chronic disorders, such as diabetes, thyroid, and autoimmune dysfunction like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and chronic bowel disorders, as well as cardiovascular compromise, and mental conditions. The practice of band-aiding numerous symptoms with long lists of prescription medications is an impossibly delicate balance requiring continuous doctor visits with the potential for serious complications or drug interactions while the overall health declines. This approach ultimately shackles the patient for life while missing the mark of restoring real health, especially as it pertains to chronic conditions, many of which could be stopped, reversed or rolled back. Unfortunately, this acute-care approach of our current healthcare model is ill-equipped to address complex, chronic conditions, as evidenced by 2014 Mirror, Mirror On The Wall where the US was compared to 11 of the worlds foremost nations and ended up dead last in healthcare as pronounced by The Commonwealth Fund and in another comparison where the US ranked 37th in healthcare by the World Health Organization. Granted some of the parameters in these comparisons were more about access to care but still, the US represents 5% of the worlds populous and yet we outspend any other country by consuming more the 50% of the world's medication. If this model is working so well, why do we rank so low in comparison to other countries? Why is America’s health declining so rapidly?

The allopathic model seems to focus on disease once fully expressed. Certainly, the absence of prevention or considering early warnings as indicated by functional lab ranges is a pitfall in our current insurance-driven healthcare model but a pitfall which is in direct contrast to the Dr. Hoyt’s functional approach.

In many cases, the current model as directed largely by insurance and third-party payors does not take into account the unique genetic makeup of each individual and does not allow time for exploring the aspects of today’s lifestyle that have a direct influence on the rise in chronic disease in modern Western society; critical environmental factors such as stress, diet, deficiencies, and exposure to toxins. As a result, most physicians do not have the time and are not adequately prepared to assess the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease, nor to apply time consuming strategies such as nutritional supplementation before prescription, diet, food allergy testing, advanced toxin exposure testing, hormone balance through nutritional strategies etc, to properly support these illnesses in their patients. Functional Medicine is a different approach, with methodology and tools that are specifically designed to address these pitfalls, before they fully express and if they have manifested, to roll back these chronic conditions by getting to the root cause and supporting them naturally.

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Our Approach- Functional Health and Wellness

No two patients are ever exactly the same and therefore must be treated uniquely in order to achieve great outcomes. Customized healthcare for chronic conditions takes more time and effort but it allows us to detect the underlying cause and focus on the whole patient rather than the individual symptom. This is key in reversing chronic dysfunction rather than managing it with ongoing prescriptions. Also critical to our practice model are recent technological advances in nontraditional diagnostic testing which routinely exceeds the standards of care but provides a grand vision of all the systems of the body and a window into chronic conditions. New or improved laboratory diagnostics allows us to detect tissue damage in organs years before disease would manifest and before standard lab ranges would indicate pathology. These breakthrough diagnostic tests are overlooked and underutilized in the traditional healthcare model which inherently focuses on disease once organ dysfunction or pathology is fully expressed.

We are passionate about Restoring Real Health to you and your loved ones. Success cannot be achieved in short, rushed office visits. The more information the patient provides the better the detection of cause and the better the outcome. This approach is not for everyone; many patients are content with their medications or they are new to their condition and have not yet felt a need to go to greater measures which may include nutritional and lifestyle changes. If you have suffered to the point of frustration; if you have lost hope, energy, vitality, sleep, physical well being or if you have felt like your list of medications is growing along with doctor or hospital visits, while your health continues to decline, and if are ready to make this your top priority, if you are prepared to make lifestyle changes, then you have come to the right place. We accept serious but motivated patients.

Our efforts center on discovering and resolving underlying causes rather than band-aiding symptoms. Our slogan is REAL HEALTH RESTORED.


The process begins with a comprehensive discovery which is likely to be more detailed than you have previously experienced. This is accomplished through an online questionnaire and collection of medical records, previous lab results, imaging and diagnosis. Our software algorithm triages and prioritizes the potential triggers and provides recommendations for testing. This directs us to the diagnostic testing needed for your specific condition. Testing is thorough and ranges from hormone, stool, saliva, blood, urine, hair analysis, food allergy, immune system, heavy metal, mold, lyme, genetics, chemical toxicity testing, etc. Factors include genetics, environment, and lifestyle that can influence complex long-term health problems. The opposite practice model would consist of a one size fits all healthcare approach, identifying a diagnosis, followed by a cookie cutter treatment including prescriptions for the management of each symptom. This approach is efficient for doctors, insurance companies and pharmaceutical but often not effective for patients wanting to recover from chronic disease. It can lead to a lifetime of medications, many of which have their own complications and are designed to manage conditions not resolve them. Meanwhile the patient continues to decline.


Our Promise To You

We are dedicated to understanding your health concerns. We will work one on one with you to ensure Real Health is Restored. Your success is based on thorough discovery, customized comprehensive diagnostic testing, analysis and individualized care programs with an absolute dedication to your recovery. Not only will we talk the talk and walk the walk but we will lead you down the path. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality service. Your health is our first priority.


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