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The process begins with a comprehensive discovery which is likely to be more detailed than you have previously experienced. This is accomplished through an online questionnaire and collection of medical records, previous lab results, imaging and diagnosis. Our software algorithm triages and prioritizes the potential triggers and provides recommendations for testing. This directs us to the diagnostic testing needed for your specific condition. Testing is thorough and ranges from hormone, stool, saliva, blood, urine, hair analysis, food allergy, immune system, heavy metal, mold, lyme, genetics, chemical toxicity testing, etc. Factors include genetics, environment, and lifestyle that can influence complex long-term health problems. The opposite practice model would consist of a one size fits all healthcare approach, identifying a diagnosis, followed by a cookie cutter treatment including prescriptions for the management of each symptom.

Dr. Tracy Hoyt

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Disorders We Love to Support

Chronic Sinusitis


High Cholesterol
Cardiovascular Disease

Fatty Liver
Thyroid low or high
Hormone hair loss
Weight Gain

Chronic Fatigue

Leaky Gut
Inflammatory Bowel
Acid Reflux
Diverticular Disorder
Food Allergies

Mood Swings
Brain Fog

Neck and Back Pain

Disc Herniation
Sports Injury
Plantar Fasciitis
Rotator Cuff
Inflammatory Arthritis


Restless Leg Syndrome

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  • Dr. Tracy Hoyt

    Dr. Hoyt has served our community as a Healthcare provider for more than two decades. He has training in multiple disciplines having completed chiropractic training at LACC, now known as Southern California University of Health Sciences. He pursued an additional three-year postdoctoral residency in radiology with rotations at a number of hospitals and advanced imaging centers in the surrounding areas, ultimately obtaining board certification. This training was followed by a 6-month mentorship in MRI and CT. As a specialist and a consultant for other doctors, Dr. Hoyt has reviewed thousands of cases, rendering written second opinions and has been called upon as an expert witness in legal matters.


Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • Before I met Dr. Hoyt, I was living with Hypothyrodism and Hashimoto's Disease. Although I had been diagnosed by my primary Doctor, I was only prescribed a drug for my thyroid problem. I was left with many of the symptoms such as a foggy brain, tiredness, weight gain, bloating and other symptoms. Dr. Hoyt had deeper testing and labs done, and was able to put together a plan suited to my individual needs. After only 3 months on my journey, I feel so much better. The brain fog has cleared, I am sleeping through the night and am adjusting to a new way of eating and exercising plus the supplements to promote healing. I feel blessed to have been led to Dr. Hoyt, he has become an important person in my life and one I now consider a friend. I totally would recommend Dr. Hoyt to anyone who has been told there's nothing more the Drs. can do for you have to live with whatever ails you. Don't give up yet, SEE DR. HOYT!!!

    Read More - Nancy
  • I have been a patient with Dr. Hoyt for almost 6 months and it has been life changing. I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's disease 7 years ago. My testing for Hasimoto's was off the charts he said he never seen anyone as bad as mine. I had been suffering from extreme fatigue, bloating, brain fog, insomnia, joint pain and more.
    Dr. Hoyt did an extensive blood panel that I never had any doctor do before. The results for me were heart wrenching to know how much at risk I was for cardiovascular and stroke. In fact he called me on the weekend to let me know of my blood results that came back at a high risk. I knew then I was in great hands with a very compassionate doctor that cares a great deal about his patients. He is easy to talk with about anything you have going on and is very knowledgeable. The time he spends with you going over results and finding the root cause is by far nothing you will ever get from a regular MD. I love my visits and look forward to them as they are inspirational and gives me motivation.
    I was put on a lean and healthy diet plan and various supplements and was treated for leaky gut. The supplements work amazing and after adjusting to the diet I started feeling the results within a month. After 3 months I never felt better and could finally sleep through the night again. I also received chiropractic treatments for the pain I was having in my shoulder. He ran my blood work again at 5 months into the program and the results were phenomenal. I completed turned my numbers around. I'm so blessed and thankful I found Dr. Hoyt and the care he has given me. I have learned so much. I can say he saved my life!
    I highly recommend Dr. Hoyt if you are suffering from an illness and in pain he can help you. He is absolutely remarkable and you will be amazed! The office and staff is so kind and caring and the atmosphere is very comfortable and relaxing. Thank you Dr. Hoyt

    Read More - Darlene
  • Dr. Hoyt is such a knowledgeable and caring doctor that really takes time to listen and find real solutions. He goes above and beyond to give amazing care and make sure his patients get the answers they need to get better. I'm so lucky to have found him! If you or anyone you know is struggling with your health like I was I highly recommend you go see Dr. Hoyt, working with him is life changing!

    Read More - Tiffany C.
  • Dr. Hoyt is wonderful. I have had problems with my digestive system most of my life and have been to many doctors,and at 80 thought I would never find help. Dr. Hoyt has worked very closely with me and helped my digestive system. Most importantly I no longer have bloating and he is really helping heal my gut. I’ve lost weight and I no longer have terrible dry eyes. His office staff are very professional and very helpful.

    Read More - Jennye C.


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